Natural plant derived compounds that can benefit animal & human health

The power to boost the immune system and natural resistance to bacterial infection. Aramune™ can improve the health of humans and companion animals such as dogs and cats. In monogastric commercial livestock, such as pigs and poultry, Aramune can reduce mortality and improve performance without harming the environment.

Environmental contamination by Zinc Oxide (ZnO) has forced an EU to ban on its use in animal feed from 2022. Aramune can provide a natural and environmentally safe alternative.
Aramune in commercial livestock production

Aramune is a natural, plant derived feed material which can be mixed with standard animal feeds to replace Zinc Oxide and other antimicrobials that are fuelling antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in animals and humans

Aramune Technologies Ltd (ATL) have discovered and are developing, natural compounds that are extracted from certain native and non-native UK plants. The first of these compounds, also called Aramune has a unique structure and has been patented. After extraction from the source plant, Aramune takes the form of a fibrous plant material which when added to its regular diet will modulate (rebalance) an animal’s immune system, improve its gut microbiome, and help them resist harmful gut bacteria that might cause ill health and compromise performance.

The beneficial effects of Aramune have been demonstrated in a number of experimental animal models including mice and piglets. In an early piglet trial, conducted in collaboration with a large commercial feed producer, the performance of piglets treated with Aramune was not dissimilar from that of the antimicrobial agent Zinc Oxide (ZnO). This study demonstrated that this novel feed material is well tolerated and may improve performance. Since ZnO will be banned in Europe from June 2022 the development of Aramune is timely as without an effective replacement it has been estimated that the ZnO ban could cost EU pig producers as much as Euro 1 billion per annum in lost production. Further pre-market piglet trials are planned to determine the optimal feed inclusion rate of commercially optimised Aramune.

Additional studies are planned in collaboration with commercial partners to study the effects of Aramune in the diets of pigs, poultry, farmed fish, crustacea and companion animals.

A natural alternative to pharmaceutical antimicrobial food additives

Broad species applicability

The beneficial activity of Aramune is consistent across multiple immune cell types, and across many mono-gastric commercial livestock including pigs, poultry (of all types), farmed fish, crustacea and others.

Good for the environment

The commercial extraction of Aramune involves the cultivation of certain wildflower species that are recognised as being of significant benefit to pollinator species. The expansion of this commercial wildflower crop will provide farmers with a new cash crop opportunity and will also profoundly benefit the environment.

Safe and effective

Aramune itself is natural, safe for the environment, orally available, non-toxic at 10x normal dietary inclusion rates and does not trigger any allergic reactions.

Boosts the host animal’s immune system and resistance to bacteria, reducing mortality and weight loss.

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